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Bridging Higher Consciousness


From time to time we will hold public access events. These will be in the form of online sessions, or in-person retreats.

Stay tuned for upcoming events!

While you are waiting,
you can purchase the
replay of our first healing
event that took place
Feb 29th 2024

We work with healing the inner child, releasing old patterns that hold you back from healing, connecting to the quantum realm and finding a dolphin guide, jumping timelines, connecting to your most creative and happy aspect of you and calling it all in to this reality. All in this one video! Yes, really!!

Replays of our Healing Events

Replays of our Healing Events

Watch Preview

Meet your facilitators

Honey C Golden

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Intuitive Healer, Artist and Author

Honey has spent most of her life keeping her gifts quiet, enjoying painting, jewelry making, and writing. Her near death experience created a freedom to be herself at a young age. She has two children's books published,  'The Land of Nola' and 'Home'. 

Honey has spent the last 8 years in deep conversation with her soul, tapping into lifetimes worth of knowledge. Learning and sharing on YouTube and healing people with energy work and emotional work. 

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Zuriel Morah


Alternative Healing Therapist, Shamanic practitioner, Herbalist, Quantum Ascension Alchemist and Universal Adventurer 

I am here on earth to be in the fullest expression of my truest self. To fully embrace the human experience and my multidimensionality by following the flow of love, joy, passion and being my weird adventurous self. We all have the ability to touch and embrace the purest love of source and higher levels of consciousness by seeing ourselves and understanding that we are divinely whole. Once we realize that our existence here is a game to play, there are no limitations to the abundance, love, joy and wonder that can be experienced. 

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