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Find community and support, get healing, become activated!

Bridging Higher Consciousness

Honey, Zuriel and Abby have worked hard to become bridges to a higher form of consciousness which is coming through and creating a New Earth.

Join us and receive cutting edge information, activations, deep transformational healing, and so much more.

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Our Body is the Bridge to our Higher Consciousness


Evolution of the Soul

As a being on this Earth we are connected to our higher selves. At this unprecedented time, more of our higher self is pouring into our physical body and we are growing our light-body! Our gifts and talents are beginning to shine through at an unprecedented rate. How do we manage all of these changes?


Evolution of the Body

Our bodies are changing - patterns untwisting themselves, aches and pains dissolving away to be replaced by new and different 'growing pains' as we shift to be able to hold this higher level of consciousness that is coming in so quickly.


Comming together of Community

The changes are so radical and so fast that we need validation, need support and community to understand them. As we grow we come together, hold hands with each other and see each other with a new understanding - an opening of tolerance, patience and acceptance.


Creating the world we want to see

We all realise that the journey is unfolding differently for everyone. With support we can step away from what is no longer serving us and start to create what we want to see in the world. When we create with fear, we go backwards. When we create from love, we bloom.

“As we come back home to our internal inner knowing and the true self, we discover that ascension is thinking with the heart and following its guidance that brings us joy.” 

― Zuriel Morah

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Why Now?

Abby met Honey in 2022 via their mutual friend Mark Attwood. They sparked deep recognition off of each other, and needed to meet face to face, which they were able to do in November 2022. The activations that they both received were so powerful it took some time for them to come into balance with their new, profound gifts and abilities.

Honey then met Zuriel the same way, online, and endeavoured to meet her face to face for a more powerful encounter.

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It soon became apparent that the three of them needed to get together for futher activations, which they did in October 2023. The activations lead to initiation, which led then to deep powerful transformations and embodiment of who they are, what they are capable of, and so much more. Their evolution was catalysed by meeting each other.

Each of us is a catalyst for change - when we met it was like a bomb went off

Everyone is going through changes right now,  Honey, Zuriel and Abby have an understanding that this is an area of deep focus. This is why they want to open up a forum where they can support you as you move through your own evolutionary changes with confidence. They will help you become your own higher consciousness bridge in your journey, so you can use your higher consciousness to come through in a deeper and more graceful way that makes ripples out to the rest of humanity. 

As well as working online, the Bridging Consicousness Team are aware of how powerful it is to meet offline. They intend to create opportunities for face-to-face connection both in Europe and in the USA. It is an exciting time for us all to meet, to share, to open our hearts to love, and to grow into the people that we are becoming.

Upcoming Events

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“We need to let go of all that we are not, so we can become the best healed version of ourselves”

― Abby Wynne

How do we intend to support you on your journey?

Through our monthly offerings we will -

Help you find out who you truly are

Discover your soul family, become confident in your intuitive abilities, have a sounding board community for validation so you can learn how to release the old patterns, show up authentically in the world and express your own unique gifts, your way.

Share our knowedge and insight

Honey, Z and Abby have taken the time to heal and hone into their expansive psychic gifts and abilities. Between the three of them you have a library of knowledge, laser sharp focused healing, and support and clarity to help you move forward in your personal journey of evolution. 

Amplify the power of your intention

By finding your community, not only do you triple the chances of your success, but it goes exponential. Not only will you have access to the power of intention from Honey, Z and Abby, but you get to connect with like-minded souls who can support your endeavours as we all grow and move foward together.

“As we heal and become our true being, we create a world that reflects our inner light”

― Honey Golden

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So what do you get if you join us?

Bridging Higher Consciousness is an opportunity to interact with Honey, Zuriel and Abby to get answers to your issues, feel supported, create new friends.

Foundation Material

Upon joining, you will gain access to a bank of information to help you on your journey

Monthly videos

with energetic updates, higher level activations, insights and wisdom,

healing  and a chance to have your questions answered by the team.

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Private Signal Group

You can chat on Signal 24/7 with the other community members, reach out for hugs, support, and so much more. Abby Honey and Zuriel will also pop into the group and offer support there.

Opportunities to meet as a group in real life

Details to follow.


Meet your facilitators

Honey C Golden

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Intuitive Healer, Artist and Author

Honey has spent most of her life keeping her gifts quiet, enjoying painting, jewelry making, and writing. Her near death experience created a freedom to be herself at a young age. She has two children's books published,  'The Land of Nola' and 'Home'. 

Honey has spent the last 8 years in deep conversation with her soul, tapping into lifetimes worth of knowledge. Learning and sharing on YouTube and healing people with energy work and emotional work. 

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Zuriel Morah


Alternative Healing Therapist, Shamanic practitioner, Herbalist, Quantum Ascension Alchemist and Universal Adventurer 

I am here on earth to be in the fullest expression of my truest self. To fully embrace the human experience and my multidimensionality by following the flow of love, joy, passion and being my weird adventurous self. We all have the ability to touch and embrace the purest love of source and higher levels of consciousness by seeing ourselves and understanding that we are divinely whole. Once we realize that our existence here is a game to play, there are no limitations to the abundance, love, joy and wonder that can be experienced. 

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Abby Wynne

Abby in blue.JPG

Shamanic Psychotherapist, Bestselling Author, Spiritual Teacher and Energy Healer

I am a spiritual teacher, bestselling author and healer, blending shamanism, psychotherapy and energy healing in a powerful unique way, catalysing lasting change.

My core teachings work towards empowering you to do your inner work with strength and courage, whilst creating a structure and foundation to guide you.

I am a healer for the healers, I am a catalyst for transformation, I bring catharsis and compassion and magic to the table.

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Watch us together on YouTube

Bridging Higher Consciousness
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Eclipse Energy Continues to Unfold! What are the Affects? Abby, Honey, & Z

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Relationships and Ascension! What's New in the Energies? Abby, Z & Honey

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Big Energies Coming In. Saturday is a New Gateway. Honey, Z and Abby

Big Energies Coming In. Saturday is a New Gateway. Honey, Z and Abby

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We Are Graduating! Big Changes Have Begun! With Abby, Z, and Honey

We Are Graduating! Big Changes Have Begun! With Abby, Z, and Honey

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